WordPress Theme installation


1. How to upload from the WordPress Manager screen

1 Go to the Appearance >Themes menu.
2 Click Add New.

Click Upload Theme.

  1. Click Select File.
  2. Select a theme compressed file.

※ Note
Usually, after purchasing the theme, the downloaded compressed file contains the theme compressed file and the other file.

Compressed files downloaded after theme purchase

You must uncompress [Download] and upload the [Mema Compression File] before it is registered properly.

Enter FTP information. (This step may be omitted depending on the setup.)

View the theme uploaded from the Appearance >Themes menu.

Upload to FTP Access Program

Connect to the FTP access program (AlFTP, File Zilla, etc.) or webFTP to upload the theme folder to the wp-content/items path.

※ Note
You must extract the theme and upload the folder.

View the theme uploaded from the Appearance >Themes menu.



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