WordPress Posts


Text (POST) must belong to a category and will be used to keep providing new content.
(e.g. Blog / News / Events, etc.)

Click the [Write > New Write] menu.

Enter a title, content, category, tag, and then click Update.

You can view, edit, and delete the list of articles created in [Write > All Letters].

In [View Options] at the top of the screen, you can set additional options that you want to see when writing.

  1. Comparison of revisions: The management record of the corresponding text can be checked.
  2. Summary : Enter a summary of the text (use it to issue an RSS feed, list of articles, etc. but not on a theme.)
  3. Send Trackback: Enter the address of the site when you want to send a trackback to another site.
  4. User-defined field: Meta data can be added to the article that describes specific data. (Used primarily by plug-ins or theme developers)
  5. Discussion: You can set whether comments, trackback and pingback are allowed with other sites.
    Ping-Baek: Tells me that my article was quoted from another site.
    Trackback: Link my writing to a post on another site
  6. Comment: Comments can be made on the article.
  7. Slug: You can set the URL of the text.
  8. Writer: You can set the writer.
  9. Category : You can set the belonging category of the article. (redundant setting possible)
  10. Tag : You can set a representative keyword for the text. (Use for Search, etc.)


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