TNC Webscraping


Menu Configuration

  • Webscraping (configuration)
  • Search Keywords
  • Youtube channel

Web Scraping Preferences

You can collect Kakao, Naver, and YouTube APIs.

  • Link to YouTube API setup
  • Link to Naver API setup
  • Link to kaka API setup

Search Keywords

You can view a list of keywords to search and the status of Naver, Kakao, and Youtube collection.

You can set the keyword field and category to search for.
It is applied automatically in cases such as categories.

YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel Registered List View.

If you click more next to the YouTube channel, you’ll see the form of putting the YouTube channel in.

Please make a full copy of the YouTube address and paste it into the channel.

Categories are automatically applied when you set a category for content. If not, enter unclassified.

Setting up the Crawtap application

After installing the plug-in, see Plug-in Manager Configuration.

The domain and code will be shown.

After entering the domain and code, you will see the collector turn on every five minutes.

Ver 1.0.0 : Naver API, Kakao API search added
Ver 0.0.0 : Collect YouTube


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