Shopping Mall Production


Shopping Mall Production

Do you know why many people started building shopping malls with Collabocommunications?
Because in Collabocommunications, the production of shopping malls is just the beginning, not the end.
Please join the Collabocommunications shopping mall on your way to success.

About Collabocommunications Web Consulting

  • One-to-one web master’s proposal for building a shopping mall
  • Developing a shopping mall through analysis and benchmarking of similar competitors
  • Consulting proposal after shopping mall development

Production cost of the basic type of Collabocommunications
Basic: 100 ~ 2 million won (optional)
Premium type: 300 ~ 5 million won (production type)

The Collabocommunications shopping mall includes a variety of features in your manager, even if you choose the basic model.



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