Refund Policy

Service Policy Agreement

If you do not download themes & plugins and you have not paid for them before, you can get a refund.

Buying themes & plug-ins is not a purchase of ownership or licenses.
All rights for this theme & plugin are owned by the developer or equivalent owner.
Themes & plug-ins only apply to one site.
Even if you use the same domain, you need to purchase as many additional sites as you want to use for multiple sites.
Downloaded themes & plug-ins are non-refundable.

Problems caused by using themes and plugins in the installation environment below may not be available or may not be supported by the customer, in which case refunds are not possible.

1. When used in Windows + APM-based environment
2. When using private NAS server and private IP
3. When using the overseas web hosting service
4. Errors due to functional errors and CSS crashes caused by using third-party themes and plug-ins
5. You have modified the original source for your themes and plug-ins.