Oprize Idea Contest


2018 Information Protection Challenge – “CollaboCommunications”

Team: CollaboCommunications – Kim Jong-hyuk and Lee Young-hoon
Ideas : “Protection of Privacy from Digital Sexual Violence”

Introduction to TEAM
They are a team of two companies in the Seoul Innovation Park that introduce themselves as unusual and fantastic cologne of foreign-class developers and ultimate innovators. Lee Young-hoon of Taecheonin and Kim Jong-hyuk of collaboCommunications met in the open software community and have been involved in various areas of information technology support since three years ago.

Introduction to IDEA
She took part in the theme of ‘protecting privacy from digital sexual violence.’ 
“Rivenzie pornography” is a crime scene that is illegally circulated for retaliation purposes. as defined in the term ‘personal sexual films’ By using image recognition technology and multi-distributed db storage technology, the company aims to detect digital sexual crimes quickly and induce active and immediate responses from the public and private sectors. 
The government is trying to punish these crimes for less than five years in prison and prepare victim protection measures, but there is a limit to the number of people searching for and deleting video clips, and the pain of the victims continues despite the government`s efforts. 
Thus, the idea was proposed as it was deemed necessary to have a technical solution for digital sexual violence crime.



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