Mobile marketing


Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is becoming more important as smartphones are distributed.
In particular, smartphones with 800% growth and rapid growth over the previous year, 69% of users use smartphones for more than an hour a day, and thus their PC share is falling significantly.
As media patterns have changed from PCs to smartphones, marketing is changing as well.
With more than 91% of users using mobile apps, the domestic application market is growing as it ranks third behind free app downloads in the U.S. and China.
This means that the market for mobile marketing through mobile apps is getting wider and more optimized.

  • A high share of smartphone users as of January 2011 approximately 7.5 million people are using smartphones, a trend that continues to grow steadily.
  • High advertisement attention and 9.8% of target consumers’ target advertisement space, high attention and click rate, and easy targeting for 20 ~ 30 consumers.
  • Gain a domestic TOP application for iPhone and Android With popular apps such as angrybirds, dondol phones, talking cat Toms, and 1 to 50, you can expect great impact.
  • Different approaches with a variety of options When you click on an ad, you will see various forms of advertising, such as web/market (store) movement/phone call/video playback.


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