Keyword marketing


Keyword Marketing

Keyword Marketing

Keyword marketing is the most representative marketing service for online marketing and it is the most effective marketing service. In particular, because the advertisement is based on portal sites with high access rate and high search rate, the scope is wide and the most popular marketing. However, it is also a strategic marketing that can fail most easily if there is a lack of management or strategy, such as the amount of money, time of day, exposure, etc. by keyword. So how efficient we use keywords is the most important point.

All advertising agencies and consulting are free.
There is no agency or consulting fee other than the cost of advertising carried out on the portal site.

  1. Certain effect of search advertisement targeting
    Other ads are one-sided to the customer, but keyword search ads are customer-facing ads.
    Customers will immediately check our ads in the search results and move to the site they like. One-click charges per click based on exposure ranking.
  2. Optimized ad portal main exposure to shopping ad shopping malls
    This is an advertising area targeting customers who want to shop, and it has high exposure and click (inflowing shopping malls).
    The product’s image and advertising documents are exposed at the same time, enabling customers to directly appeal to the product.
    All procedures are available from the point of entry to the product DB link.
  3. Branding required from banner advertising planning to production
    The main point is to go beyond the limits of search and shopping advertisements. Banner ads are available on the portal’s main, sub, community used by specific targets, and on the persistent site.
    DA will be responsible for planning, including advertising concept, copy, promotion, and material production.
  4. Mobile ad mobile user growth trend is mobile
    You can run various forms of advertising anywhere in the mobile APP or WEB.
    When you click on an ad, you can perform various forms of random acts depending on the purpose of the ad, including moving to the site, playing videos, connecting to the phone, and displaying maps.
    As mobile search volume is already overtaking PCs, you can gain brand recognition by running PC and mobile ads simultaneously.


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